Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wanted: something else that has 4 wheels, a motor and does not currently function

I think there is still another spot in the car port...

Since I was 17 I've pretty much always had 2 cars, one to drive and one in some kind of state of restoration. For almost 6 months I had only had one car, and I was getting an itch to own something that I could take a wrench too. 

Growing up my sister had this amazing 1974 VW Beetle, I LOVED IT, and she hated it. I begged my parents to save it and give it to me, but my sister and I are 11 years apart.

So I've always wanted a bug and I was moving into a place where I would have an extra parking space so I thought I should start looking. My requirements were it that it be a bug, for under $500, that was a complete car.

Not long after that I found a $500 1973 VW BUG! I called the gentleman in the add and when I asked him the price he said, I don't know I put $500 but I'll take $300... and I can tow it to your house.

So I saw the car, it was a bug, it was complete, and it didn't run, and it was under $500 IT WAS MINE!


  1. Ha! This really is just the beginning of the madness. Now the pressure is on! We need to make like the Amish with their Barn Raising Parties and have a Bug raising party@ Any volunteers out there?

  2. Hi! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!! Your new blog is PURDY!!!

  3. I LOVE most things VW! (some of those 70's bus' are ugly!) My bro had a bug that we had to all rock in unison to get it up the grade coming to Ventura from the valley, back in the day. I too, will one day own either a bug or a BUS! Can't wait to see you get her running- What a score!!!

  4. This will date me but I had one of the early EARLY bugs--when they only came in one color--and since I got it in the 60's (when it was already pretty old but it was a one owner vehicle) we stuck flower decals all over it! Welcome to the bloggy world--look forward to hearing about your ongoing restoration.

  5. Welcome to blogging Stephanie! How could a fix-it/old car guy not be attracted to this blok like a bug to a zapper? Bugs are great to work on. I don't have one because I already have three old Mercurys to keep me busy, and one or two other projects. You all in California are so lucky you don't have to deal with major rust. Wish I was closer, I'd help turn wrenches.

  6. What a beautiful bug! and for three hundo! Holy!
    I look forward to reading your blog! :)

  7. Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! And Thank you Amber!

    There is much more to come and the VDubs are just the start.

  8. Dropped by to say hello! Looking forward to future posts! Be sure to come hang out over at 'Everyone Goes to Mick's' :)